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True Patriots, a Canadian action thriller

The career of Claire Marcoux, a young naval officer, threatens to come crashing down after she orders the ship under her command to return fire on a boat that she was supposed to rescue. The quiet life of Daniel Ritter, a new professor in a new town, is turned upside down when the celebrity entrepreneur he was unexpectedly invited to meet is found murdered. Thrown together by chance, Claire and Daniel discover that they are involved in the same fight against an unknown enemy — a foe with a plot that endangers the lives of many … and the very existence of the country they both cherish.

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What reviewers are saying

Russell Fralich’s debut novel is a timely, home-grown thriller, in which two seemingly unrelated plot lines converge in a surprising and explosive conclusion. From Alberta to the Bay of Fundy, Fralich skillfully weaves a tale full of intrigue, action and political subterfuge. Taking its place among the best of Canadian action thrillers, True Patriots is a timely, prophetic reminder about the dangers of division.”

-Dave Butler, award-winning author of the Jenny Wilson mysteries

A page turning action thriller.

– Goodreads reviewer

“I thought both Daniel and Claire were strong, intriguing characters and would hope for another book featuring them which I would definitely read.”

– Goodreads reviewer

“An entertaining adventure story…Where this goes is well done by Mr Fralich and sets the stage quite neatly for future novels involving the two principal characters or if not other novels that would be very well prove entertaining to read.”

– Netgalley reviewer

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Release in US & International: March 24, 2020

About the author

Russell Fralich is the author of True Patriots, an action thriller, published Dundurn Press. An early excerpt from the novel won an emerging writer award at the 2017 Eden Mills Writers Festival. Kola Magazine published one of his short stories in 2019.

He is also a husband, father, and a strategy professor. Before shifting his career path to academia, he worked in the aerospace and telecommunications industries in a wide range of engineering and management roles.

He has a undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from McMaster University, and a Ph.D. in Strategy from HEC Montreal.

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