About me

Russell Fralich

I am the author of the critically-acclaimed action thriller, True Patriots, published by Dundurn Press. It was a finalist for two first book awards in 2021, the first from the Crimer Writers of Canada, the other from Kobo Rakuten. Kola Magazine published one of my short stories in 2019. An early excerpt from the novel won an emerging writer award at the 2017 Eden Mills Writers Festival.

I am also a husband, father, and a strategy professor. Before shifting my career path to academia, I worked in the aerospace and telecommunications industries in a wide range of engineering and management roles.

I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from McMaster University, and a Ph.D. from HEC Montreal.

I’m also a member of the Crime Writers of Canada, International Thriller Writers, the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Quebec Writers’ Federation.

August 30, 2021. I was interviewed by the Crime Writers of Canada on Youtube. Del Chatterson and I talked and joked about my sources of motivation, my process successes and failures, and even some surprises I encountered when writing True Patriots.

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